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Tom Waits - acetates

An acetate is cut during the recording process in order to allow the artist/producer to review a recording prior to the actual mastering. Acetates are made out of an aluminum disc coated with a nitrocellulose lacquer and thus only last a couple of playbacks until the sound quality noticeably suffers.
They are usually made in editions of 1-10 copies, without a cover and with hand-written or typed labels, and often contain unreleased rough mixes or completely different versions.

This list is (sooner or later) intended to be complete, so please drop me a line in case you have any information not noted on these pages! Thanks.

1973 Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You (10'' mono acetate)
1974 San Diego Serenade (7'' mono acetate)
1978 Blue Valentine (acetate w/different tracklist)

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