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Tom Waits - Alice - Original Demo Versions - vinyl bootleg

cover scans - click images to enlarge!

Front Label 1 Label 2 Sticker

This bootleg appeared somewhere in Japan around June 2008, simultaneously with Coffee Break Radio Show.
It's housed in a black DJ-sleeve with a sticker and doesn't give any information about the publisher. Matrix numbers are AE 40367 and AE 40368.

Contains the demo versions which were recorded in 1992 for the theatre piece Alice in Hamburg (which have been circulating on CD), omitting the ten instrumental pieces at the end.


Side One:

1. There's Only Alice
2. And No One Knows I'm Gone
3. Table Top Joe
4. Komme Nie Zu Spat
5. Hang Me In The Bottle
6. Down The Reeperbahn
7. One, Two And Through

Side Two:
1. Everything You Can Think Of Is True
2. But There's Never A Rose
3. What Became Of Old Father Craft
4. Chained Together For Life
5. Falling Down The Lane
6. Untitled

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