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Tom Waits - Live At Lee Furr's Studio (2 LPs) - vinyl bootleg

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This is a direct cut LP (that means, directly cut in a blank vinyl disc with a vinyl recorder). They are hand-made editions of usually less than 10 copies, so it's up to the vinyl collectors if these should be regarded as "genuine" Tom Waits bootlegs or just some collector's dream of "his own Waits bootleg" come true... (or someone trying to make a fast buck with his vinyl recorder, pessimistically speaking :-P )
Still very nice!

Tom Waits & The Travelling Salesmen Live At Lee Furr's Studio
Double LP

Back cover says:
KWFM Presents Tom Waits, Live At Lee Furr's Studios, 1975

This one's a bit of a mystery - I never saw a direct cut on transparent vinyl, but everything else speaks for it being one. It first appeared in November 2012.

This previously uncirculated recording from early 1975 appeared in 2005 as an mp3 download on a KWFM Tucson tribute page.

Further information from the page: Tom Waits visits Tucson, almost gets arrested trying to buy a tie at the Salvation Army on 4th Avenue on the way to do the show. But he made it with Jim Ray's help and performed a brilliant concert in front of a KWFM studio audience.


Intro By Dave Gordon
Diamonds On My Windshield
New Coat Of Paint
Tom Gets Hustled At 9 Ball
Better Off Without A Wife
Semi Suite
On A Foggy Night
The Heart Of Saturday Night
Easy Street
Fumblin With The Blues
San Diego Serenade
The Ghost Of Saturday Night
Ice Cream Man
Drunk On The Moon
Big Joe And Phantom 309
Ol' 55
Depot, Depot
Please Call Me, Baby
Commerical, Thank-You's & Outro

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