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Tom Waits - I'll Take New York - vinyl bootleg

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This LP was probably released in 1987 on the Circus Sun label (WT-1087).

Good audience recording.
Recorded live in New York City
Eugene O'Neill Theatre
18 October 1987
(Wrongly listed as October, 10)

Side 2, track 2 wrongly listed as "Innocent When You Dream" on the cover.

This is part one - part two is the LP I Wish I Was In New Orleans or I'll Take New York Part 2 and has more from this show plus a live recording from Canada, 1981.

Side 1:
Way Down In The Hole
Gun Street Girl
Cold Cold Ground
Blind Love

Side 2:
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
Johnsburg, Illinois
Clap Hands
More Than Rain
Telephone Call From Istanbul

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