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Tom Waits - Somthing About Paris - vinyl bootleg

cover scans - click images to enlarge!

Front Back Label White Label

The title is correctly spelled Something About Paris on the spine.
POP5, picture labels.
Early (?) copies have plain white labels.
The matrix number POP-5 A is actually side B and POP-5 B is side A.

Recorded live in Paris, Follies Bergeres, 16 November 1985
Five songs from the set are missing on the LP: three between side 1 and 2 and two at the end.
Excellent show! Some songs are pretty different from the album versions...


Side One:

Walking Spanish
16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six
Jockey Full Of Bourbon

Side Two:
Cemetery Polka
Union Square
Shore Leave (not listed on the cover)
Rain Dogs
Heartattack And Vine

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