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Tom Waits - I Sing You Under The Table (2 LPs) - vinyl bootleg

cover scans - click images to enlarge!

Front Back Inner Lp 1 Lp 2

Label 1Label 2Label 3Label 4

Rare double LP set recorded Live at Kongresshalle Frankfurt, Germany, 12 November 1985 (audience recording).
Released in Germany, possibly 1986.
Numbered edition of 333 copies (33 on red/blue vinyl).
Gatefold cover, handmade silk-screen printing!
Each label is custom-stamped with a different stamp.
Also, Side 1 is backed with side 3 and side 2 backed with side 4.

The track listed as Part Of The Act is actually the first 20 seconds of Ruby's Arms, which suddenly stops due to a microphone feedback, after which and Tom goes into some impromptu piano playing and storytelling.
Take Care Of All My Children is listed as I'm Goin' To See My Lord.


Side 1:

Walking Spanish
16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Tango Till They're Sore

Side 2:
Part Of The Act
I Beg Your Pardon
Take Care Of All My Children
In The Neighborhood
Cemetery Polka
Down, Down, Down

Side 3:
Shore Leave
Rain Dogs
Big Black Mariah
Downtown Train

Side 4:
9th & Hennepin
I Wish I Was In New Orleans
Blue Valentines

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