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Tom Waits live show details
17 November 2004
Date 17 November 2004
Location Berlin, Theater des Westens
Type live show
Format flac
1. Intro
2. Make it rain
3. Don't go into that barn
4. Hoist that rag
5. Sins of the father
6. Earth died screaming
7. Reeperbahn
8. The part you throw away (false start)
9. The part you throw away
10. Alice
11. God's away on business
12. Always keep a diamond in your mind
13. Metropolitan glide
14. Heartattack and vine
15. Walk away
16. Day after tomorrow
17. Shake it
18. Come on up to the house
19. Trampled rose
20. November
21. Get behind the mule
22. Lucky day

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