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Tom Waits radio show details
197? (exact date unknown)
Date 197? (exact date unknown)
Location KPFK
Type radio show
Format mp3
Comments KPFC radio broadcast
1. Virginia Ave
2. San Diego Serenade
3. Ol 55
4. Semi Suite
5. Fumbling With The Blues
6. Rosie
7. Depot Depot
8. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
9. Heart of Saturday Night
10. Better Off Without A Wife
11. On A Foggy Night
12. Ghost of Saturday Night
13. Heart of Saturday Night
14. Semi Sweet
15. Drunk on the Moon
16. Depot Depot
17. Diamonds on my Windsheild
18. San Diego Serenade
19. Rosie
20. Fumbling with the Blues
21. Diamonds on my Windsheild
22. New Coat of Paint
23. Nobody
24. Easy Street
25. On A Foggy Night
26. The Heart of Saturday Night
27. Fumblin With the Blues
28. Better Off Without a Wife
29. Drunk on the Moon
30. Fumblin with the Blues

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