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Tom Waits live show details
21 June 1986
Date 21 June 1986
Location Chicago, Steppenwolf Theatre - Franks Wild Years
Type live show
Format mp3
Comments Also circulates as 17 June 1986.
1. Salvation Army Overture
2. Frank'S Intro
3. Innocent When You Dream
4. Frank'S Wild Years
5. It'S Just The Way We Are
6. Yesterday Is Here
7. Blow Wind Blow
8. Hang On Saint Christopher
9. Temptation Tape Break Fragment
10. Please Wake Me Up
11. Straight To The Top
12. I'Ll Take New York
13. Wake Me Up It'S More Than Rain
14. Lupi Montenegro'S Famous Opera Break
15. Gin And Tonic
16. Innocent When You Dream 2
17. Come On Down To Zookie'S
18. Will You Remember Me
19. Dogs Of My Memory
20. Down Down Down
21. Train Song
22. Innocent When You Dream Conclusion

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