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Tom Waits live show details
11 August 1996
Date 11 August 1996
Location Healdsburg, Raven Theatre (Don Hyde Benefit 2)
Type live show
Format shn
Comments 2 sources are available for this show.
1. Jitterbug Boy
2. I Wish I Was In New Orleans
3. Burma Shave
4. Ol' 55
5. Invitation To The Blues
6. Tango Till They're Sore
7. Good Ol' World
8. 9th And Hennepin
9. Black Wings
10. The Fall Of Troy
11. Down There By The Train
12. Goin' Out West
13. Jesus Gonna Be Here
14. Filipino Box Spring Hog
15. Fever
16. Innocent When You Dream
17. A Little Rain
18. Goodnight Irene

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