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Tom Waits live show details
12 June 1999
Date 12 June 1999
Location Los Angeles, Wiltern Theatre
Type live show
Format mp3
1. Black Rider
2. Singapore
3. Jesus Gonna Be Here
4. Get Behind The Mule
5. Goin Out West
6. I Don'T Wanna Grow Up
7. Hold On
8. Eyeball Kid
9. What'S He Building
10. A Little Rain
11. Picture In A Frame
12. Can'T Wait To Get Off Work
13. Innocent When You Dream
14. Come On Up To The House
15. Shells
16. Shore Leave
17. Who Are You
18. Fillipino Box Spring Hog
19. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
20. Chocolate Jesus
21. Big In Japan
22. Heart Of Saturday Night

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