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Tom Waits - Tales From The Underground Vol. 2 - vinyl bootleg

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Vinyl edition of the CD series of the same name from the 1990s.

To fit each release on a vinyl record, some songs from the CDs were omitted. Unfortunately, some unique tracks were dropped while some totally unnecessary tracks were left on, like Black Rider Demos, stuff that's already been officially released on Orphans or Bounced Checks, or songs without any Tom Waits involvement. Ironically, some of these notes are even reproduced on the sleeves, making one believe the bootleggers didn't even read the liner notes they printed.

Hedgehog Records - HDG 0024
Released in 2011

Side One:

1. Waitin' For Waits
    Taken from Richie Cole's album "Hollywood Madness", 1980
2. I'll Never Let Go Of Your Hand
    Taken from the film "American Heart", 1992 (no soundtrack album available)
3. Sleep Tonight
    Taken from the Rolling Stones' album "Dirty Work", 1986
4. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
    Taken from the film "American Heart", 1992 (no soundtrack album available)
    Also released as bonus track of the "Orphans" vinyl box set, 2006

5. Serrano
    Taken from the flexi-disc of Sylvia Plachy's book "Unguided Tour", 1990
6. Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (High Strings) (Excerpt)
    Taken from Gavin Bryars' album "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet", 1993
Side Two:

1. Eggs And Sausage
    A capella version from "Soundstage", Chicago 1976
    Available on the bootleg "Drunk on the Moon"

2. Date To Church
    B-side of the Replacements' single "I'll Be You", 1989
    Also available on the Sire Records compilation "Just Say Mao", 1989

3. Metrotown
    "Metropolis" from the Pogues' 1988 album "If I Should Fall from Grace with God"
    Followed by the last 30 seconds of "Midtown" from "Rain Dogs"

4. 1,000 Bing Bangs
    Taken from Ken Nordine's album "Devout Catalyst", 1991
5. Sweet And Shiny Eyes
    Taken from Bonnie Raitt's album "Homeplate", 1975
6. Tango Till They're Sore
    Live at Folies Bergere, in Paris on November 16, 1985
    Available on the bootlegs "Somthing About Paris" and "Paris At Midnight"
    Wrongly listed as a medley - see cover scan

The omitted tracks are:

Walk Away
The Fall Of Troy
Taken from the "Dead Man Walking" soundtrack, 1995
Also released on "Orphans", 2006

The Pontiac
Taken from the various artists compilation "Smack My Crack", 1987
Also released on "Orphans", 2006

Take Care Of All My Children
Taken from the film "Streetwise", 1984 (no soundtrack album available)
Also released on "Orphans", 2006

Martin Goes And Does Where It's At
Taken from Martin Mull's album "I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved", 1977

Fumblin' With The Blues
Drunk To The Moon
Virginia Avenue
Live at the Hotel l'American, Amsterdam, May 26, 1976

(Down There By The Train does not have any Tom Waits involvement)

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